Since January 2005, Austin International Rescue Operations, Inc. (AIRO) has been working with
local communities, Indonesian authorities and international aid organizations to provide long-
term sustainable livelihood recovery and reconstruction to tsunami-affected areas of Northern
Sumatra, Indonesia.  

AIRO has a proven track record of successfully managing local resources – providing project
development, quality control and

AIRO remains committed to the long term rebuilding of Aceh & Nias and is now focusing on
worldwide pandemic relief through housing innovation.

Please see our April 2020 PRESS RELEASE below!

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AUSTIN, Texas, April 10, 2020 (PRESS RELEASE)

AIRO announces HHE™, the Human Habitat
Expansion™, a project whose goal is to build and
place on both land and water human habitation units
specially designed for a rapidly changing

Where climate change threatens habitable earth and
coastal cities, AIRO proposes HHE™: prototyping,
manufacturing and implementing revolutionary
housing units designed for remote, heretofore
inhospitable land and also to float as interlocking
villages in coastal inlets, lakes and harbors.

Today the mini-house craze is more relevant than
ever. AIRO proposes HHE™ to address world
housing shortages, social distancing objectives,
temporary disaster living space, hospital bed space,
refugee housing, etc.

AIRO has efficiently addressed the needs of natural
disaster victims since the Southeast Asian tsunami
of 2004. Following successful boat-building relief
operations in Aceh, Indonesia and a recovery
mission in Haiti, AIRO is ready to apply our expertise
to this unprecedented need.

Land units
- designed for remote, rugged or otherwise unusable
locations: cliff faces, extreme weather, underground,
treetops, traverses, gondolas.
- Sustainable support systems.

Water Units
- Designed to float in coastal inlets, lakes and
- Structures interconnect with decks, pathways and
- Sustainable support systems for power, water,
cooking, waste and sanitation.
- Interchangeable structural members and standard
dimensions for on-site assembly.

AIRO seeks your Request for Proposals,
collaboration, funding and volunteers (including
engineering, architecture, housing, cad tools,
others) for the next phases of development: Identify
locations, applications, retrofit designs, assess
manufacturability and scalability.

Additional Information (English and Spanish):

Eric Lyman, VP Operations

Aaron C. Lyman, President
AIRO Partners with Over the Edge, Inc.
Bungee Jumping

Eric Lyman, lifetime AIROhead, has founded Over
The Edge, Inc. Bungee Jumping.  OTE partners
with AIRO in various charitable activities.  More
information as follows:
Aaron Anderson (Kedua), our newest AIROhead,
and friends
AIRO formed in tsunami’s wake

On 26 December 2004 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake
struck less than 90 miles from the shores of Northern
Sumatra in the Indian Ocean.  The quake sent a 30-meter
ocean swell traveling 500 mph under water for a direct hit
on the Indonesian island’s western coast.  Aceh Province,
the most northern located area of the island, was clearly
the worst hit area anywhere.
The combination 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami
was deadly and destructive, leaving over 250,000
Acehnese dead or missing, and causing massive
disruption to the area’s once productive infrastructure.  
On 28 March, 2005, yet another earthquake, of
magnitude 8.7, struck within 100 miles of the one on 26
December, causing further damage and claiming
another 2,000 lives in the area.

To date the relative toll of dead and missing underscore
the immensity of the disaster for Aceh:

Maldives:    82 Dead   
Sri Lanka:  38,195 Dead
4,924 Missing
Thailand:     5,395 Dead
2,991 Missing        
India:          10,779 Dead
5,614 Missing
Aceh Province, Indonesia:
172,161 Dead
116,368 Missing
AIRO’s Approach to Relief Work:
Projects are selected to maximize benefits with long-
term, sustainable relief.   AIRO projects are designed to
create positive ripple effects to all related sectors of the
local economy.  This approach helps revitalize entire
villages by magnifying the impact of every relief dollar
spent.  AIRO’s relief work guiding principles include:

*Employing local workers and craftsmen with expertise in
local resources, needs, traditions, and beliefs
*Promoting local capacity building and ownership
*Maintaining on-site staff for consistent quality control
with full language capabilities & cultural sensitivities
*Offering professional management services &
accountability to all partners, vendors & Indonesian
*Long-term commitment to efficient and effective
expenditure of all AIRO resources.

Emergency Clean Water Relief - 30, Water filtration
systems distributed
KR0 - 10, 9-meter Acehnese fishing boats w/ outboard
40hp to Krueng Raya
KR1 - 22, 5-meter Acehnese w/ 16hp inboard to Krueng
KR2 -30, INS-10, 8-meter fishing boats w/ 23hp inboard to
Lhokseumawe & Calang
Training  - 30, Indonesian boat builders trained at AIRO
KR facility
Building Renovation – design, material procurement and
construction supervision
LA1 - 6, large fishing vessel (23-meter) renovations in
LA2 - 6, 1200 x 80-meter fishing nets supplied to large
fishing vessels in Lampulo
K+N – 7 INS-10, 8-meter fishing boats to Pulu Nasi
LH1 – 50 INS-10, 8-meter fishing boats to Tana Pasir,
Aceh Sulatan & Aceh Besar
KR3 – 25 INS-6, 7-meter fishing boats to Nias
Simeulue Boats – 30, INS-10, 8-meter boats to Simeulue

The Alaska-lots of work to do!

A Message from Eddie

AIRO first joined the world’s response to one of
the worst natural disasters of all time, the Asian
tsunami of December, 2004.  Over 200 fishing
boats, dozens of fishing nets, quality boat
building workshops, truckloads of tools and the
Queen of Spain later, AIRO remains engaged
and contributing.  

What started out as a “3-hour tour” has turned
into 4 years of successful emergency relief and
long term development activities, partnerships
and incredible life-enriching experiences that
continue today.   Long live AIRO!

Eddie Bloom
Since January 2005, AIRO has been working with local
communities, Indonesian authorities and international
aid organizations to provide long-term sustainable
livelihood recovery and reconstruction to tsunami-
affected areas of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.  

AIRO has a proven track record of successfully
managing local resources – providing project
development, quality control and/or project  completion.  
The executive management background of AIRO staff
has afforded the organization a keen sense of efficiency
and effectiveness in an often challenging work
environment.  AIRO remains committed to the long term
rebuilding of Aceh & Nias and is available to collaborate
with other relief organizations wherever project and
resource management, quality control and project
completion are required.
A Message from Aaron

Update August 2017

Eddie and I traveled to Banda Aceh with 3

1) Renew the 10 year lease on the boatyard

2) Identify any tools or equipment Pak Marzuki
and the boatyard might need.

3) Identify any other projects we my want to

During the two weeks we were in Aceh, rather
than just extending the lease, we were able to
buy the boat property.  We then drafted papers
and turned over the entire facility to Marzuki and
his sons.  This will ensure that Marzuki and his
staff will be building boats for generations to

A hugely successful trip!

Aaron C. Lyman

December 26, 2008 marks the 4th anniversary
of the devastating tsunami and January 2009
marks AIRO's 4th year of rebuilding and
reconstruction in Aceh.  While there has been
huge progress, there is still much to be done.

2008 has been a year of change for AIRO.  
From day one, we have tried to create an
atmosphere where our boat making crew could
eventually be self-funding and self-driven by the
Indonesian people themselves.  We designed an
organization and provided the tools, training,
facilities and initial projects that could enable
them to be self-reliant.  AIRO recently negotiated
and paid for a ten-year lease on the Krueng
Raya boat making facility IN ADVANCE.  This
means these workers and their families, together
with the hundreds of direct recipients of the
boats and fishing gear that they produce have
the tools to make a lasting and sustainable

AIRO has been able to accomplish a self-
sustaining organization by empowering the
people of Aceh while diminishing the direct AIRO
management of projects there.  While Eddie
Bloom and Aaron Anderson continue to work in
the area to support the fishing industry, they are
now working directly for other organizations with
a continued voluntary status with AIRO.  

What does all this really mean?  A few months
back, I was visiting and working with the guys in
our little facility in Krueng Raya and as I sat
under the coconut trees on the edge of the
Indian Ocean and watched the scene, I was
overwhelmed by the magnitude of our success

We have about 15 workers in the AIRO
boatyard.  Young mothers were scurrying about,
chasing little children and making preparations
for dinner and baths.  The men of the village
were cutting and planing fine hardwoods, then
brushing-in resins and sealants. They were
adjusting boat engines and building forms and
patterns.   While saws were whirring and planers
were singing, I realized just how far we have
come since our early days of wondering how we
could possibly make a difference.  

I realized that these things have been possible
through the amazing support of all of you,
AIROheads of the world.  You understand and
TAKE ACTION.  Around the world or across the
street, you care about others and find ways to

John Donne said:

"No man is an island unto himself.  Each is a
piece of the continent, a part of the main.  
Each man's death diminishes me.  For I am
INVOLVED in mankind.  Therefore, send not
to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for
thee. "

Please enjoy the updates to the website and
thanks again for all your support!

, President AIRO

AIRO Commits to Long-Term Rebuilding &
Reconstruction of Aceh & Nias

With the modest start up of just ten 9-meter
fishing boats built for the village of Krueng Raya,
AIRO has now gone on to complete over 200
quality fishing boats and large vessel renovation
projects.   At the same time AIRO went from “just
3 guys from Texas” wanting to offer hands-on
assistance to full US 501(c)3 non-profit status
and Indonesian Yayasan AIRO distinctions.  

AIRO continues to earn recognition and praise
from both Indonesian authorities and other
NGOs – along with some notable dignitaries, like
the Queen of Spain! -  as one of the most
efficient and effective aid organizations still
operating here.  Today AIRO enjoys the
reputation as one of the best boat builders in the

The AIRO Krueng Raya boat building facility has
been operational since early 2005

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