A Visit from the Queen!

Journal Entry: Eddie Bloom - 7-February, 2007
We had about the coolest AIRO day I've ever experienced yesterday!   The
Queen of Spain’s visit was preceded by a presidential-level security sweep
that started with the bomb squad, then some 30 fully armed soldiers
camping out on the hill just above our Krueng Raya facility, and another half
dozen plain (all black) clothes secret service types mulling around with
hidden arms and the classic coiled ear-pieces.  

Once the motorcade arrived, there was an entourage of some 50 dignitaries
and press.
Among others, Ms. Leire Pajin, Spanish State Minister for International
Cooperation, and Mr. Ricardo Martinez, the Spanish Director General of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied Queen Sophia.  The UN FAO was
also well represented with their own Southeast Asian Director, Country
Director and Banda Aceh Office Directors all present.

I was given about 10 minutes to explain how Spanish funding for technical
support and training raised the quality of our boat builders to the point now
where we are building the best boat in NAD  - "a Cadillac boat"!  They were
quick to ask about the lingering need and the cost... and I was quick to
answer – more than that, I handed each a proposal for them to fund 30 of
these boats directly with AIRO.

Their response was very positive!  My 10-minute time ran out but they
wanted to keep talking about our boats - I ended up taking over 20 minutes
– and on her way out, the Queen turned to me and said, "the world needs
more people like you Eddie!"  My reply was that "well, thank you your
Majesty.  Not sure if that's possible, but we could have more of these
Cadillac boats in the world with a little help from you!"  She laughed and
thanked me for the proposal.  

It’s magical days like this that make the entire 2 years here so well worth it!!
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Current AIRO News and AIRO in the News:

**AIRO's first Annual OneWorld Dance & Costume Party**

Wow, what a great party! Thank you to all who came!

The AIRO raffle raised almost $1200, with further donations and pledges still coming in. We will be
reserving this money specifically to build a boat in the near future and will donate it in the name of
"Austin AIROheads". If you are waiting for a receipt, these will be forthcoming shortly.

There have been several things found from the party. Contact us if you are missing anything.
Specifically, a digital camera was left. If it helps, some pictures of a really nice 55 Porsche (!) were
on it-please identify.

Once again, thank you for a great event. We look forward to doing it again!

Aaron and Eddie

Bungee for a Cause

Over The Edge, Inc. bungee jumping organization, founded by Eric Lyman, is a partner of AIRO.  
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Visit from Aaron:

Dear AIROheads and Friends of AIROheads,
Since my last journal update, I spent 3 weeks in Banda Aceh and have now been back to Austin for
about 4 weeks.  I’m planning my next trip for late August now...

here for the complete journal entry.

Letter from Linda Hudson

Click here to read the 'Boats for Aceh' update from Linda.


Dallas Morning News
Sunday, August 21, 2005

3 men get Indonesian fishermen back into waters after tsunami…
“Their organization, Austin International Rescue Operations, or AIRO, has staked out a position as
a leading broker in boat-building, a critical enterprise for Acehnese, most of whom are fishermen.”

“The lean operation soon began to be noticed because, in a gargantuan relief process tangled up
in red tape and politics, it was getting things done fast.”


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