2 February 2005:  Aaron

The guys are making slow, steady progress...one small success at a time.  
They are virtually without incoming email though as the download speeds there
are brutally slow (uploads aren't much better but they are manageable).  The big
project now is to get a water pump and power generator system going for a
small village.  Eric is heading up this project and is working to get needed spare
parts and another agency is ready to donate a couple of nice generators.  Then
they are going to pull a couple of boats out of the mud and hopefully put them to
immediate use.    

I was on the phone with Eddie last night and in the middle of a sentence, he
yelled, "$h!t, gotta run...buildings shaking!"  They had a very sizable aftershock
and everyone went running into the streets.  I held my breath for about 5 minutes
until he finally called me back.  No damage or injuries, but it is just one of the
many challenges everyone faces up there.

We would like to begin thinking of ways to accept donations, perhaps in the form
of supplies (water filtration systems, generators, motorcycles, boats, etc.) but
we don't really have any idea on how the logistics and accountability for such
things is done-while we want to stay autonomous and self financing, many
people are asking how they can help and the total need is definitely great.  $$
could possibly be done through Paypal or something like it.  You could start by
having someone knowledgeable in such things look into it and donate some
research into how it might work...and run with it.

As for me, I am progressing well and spending my days translating instructions
into Indonesian and preparing things like personal resumes and business
cards/logo for our operation...there is a big need to be seen as "legitimate"
here.  I have the start of a pretty good overall look and feel of our operation and
will announce it, hopefully later today once I run it by the guys.  The website is a
big step in this direction as well.

My US cell phone #512-750-5096 is not much good here.  Voicemail works
on that number and I do check it every couple of days, but for emergencies, my
Indonesian number below is best.  You should go ahead and list it on the
website so people can contact me directly...I have had a few issues come up
back home that could have been handled quicker this way.  The time here is 13
hours ahead of Austin.

Once again, thanks for all you have done.  We need to remind
everyone...NO large emails.  We simply can't handle them, and if we are on any
joke distribution lists etc, please have everyone take us off them.

Ciao and love,

Aaron Lyman
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