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Journal Entries
Journal Entries
4 February 2005: Eddie
Below is the text of another email from Jakarta, sending us off to the village of
Krung Raya to assess the needs of fisherman - we will try to go to the island
of We, city of Sabang, were we learned there may still be fishing boats
available.  We plan to buy one or two and sail them across the water to this
village... and simply give them to the elders in charge.  Not sure if it will be
that simple, likely not, but that is what we are off to next.

Hope all is well.
Keep those cards and letters coming in.  We have figured out email in the
make-shift office we are in and so can deal with it better.  I will try to send
more pictures and stories later.

Two nights ago we were hit with an after-shock that shook the building - as
we are on the top, 3rd floor, it meant a quick bolt down and out as fast as our
feet would fly.  Nothing came of it, but it did get our hearts pumping.

The food is beginning to be a bit challenging - after several meals of instant
ramen noodles mixed with canned sardines (the last was a cold one for
breakfast) we have begun to venture out to local food stands - great tasting
goat and chicken, but it means picking through the entire animal - skinned,
but neither gutted or be-headed... makes for a very "tubular" eating

The sights continue to be unreal... check out the huge barge sitting in a
neighborhood some 2 miles from shore...

E-mail from Jakarta with a flavor of our current work detail...

Dear All,
As you know, one of our primary focuses in our recovery plan has been to
determine needs for employment/livelihood and to provide support for
renewing their way of life. This morning's Jakarta Post identified some
names that may be helpful in our assessment.  ACEH's sea commander is
Muhammad Adli and it seems it would be helpful to locate him and schedule
a meeting with him while we are there Friday -- afternoon or evening would
be best.  Surya can probably help locate him.  You might can go through Nani
Afrida, a Jakarta Post reporter in Banda Aceh as he has interviewed him.
There is also another man, Ibrahim -- known as Pawang Him, a veteran
fisherman that you may want to locate and meet with.  We feel we need to
assess:  1) number and type of fishing boats needed 2) source of supply of
fishing boats 3)local manufacturers (or can we set up boat building in their
local areas -- and what would be needed to do so)  4) other needs and
time-lines for meeting those needs.  Anything you can do to help in these
assessments or arrangements would be wonderful.  If you have other
issues on your plate at this time, please feel free to move ahead and
possibly you can share this information with Surya and others at the POSKO.
Thanks for all of your support,
Elder Palmer