16 February 2005 - Eddie

These activities have come about anew over the last couple of weeks.  
We visited this very spot about 3 weeks ago and there was nothing
there.  We are starting to seen a lot of activity move out of
emergency/body retrieval and into recovery and reconstruction.  A
really good feeling, and much nicer pictures...

Our own project is taking off quite well.  Executive summary attached -
we will submit it to the UN Livelihood Sector Working group, and follow
up with them with weekly progress reports.  Eric is set now to stay and
provide on site project management through the duration of the project
- a good nother 3 months or so!  Aaron and I are out of here in another
week or so and will be back in Austin at the end of the month...


Livelihood Recovery
Fishing Boat Construction

Village of Krueng Raya, Port of Malahayati
Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Help restore the predominant livelihood of fishing in the village of Krueng
Raya by commissioning local material suppliers to mill the specific type
and cuts of wood needed, and by commissioning surviving local craftsman
to build fishing boats.  The boats will be motorized and used to activate 35
“kumbiya” fishing rigs in the Port of Malahayati.

AIRO has identified the local “Panglima Laut” Sea Commander, the boat
making craftsmen (a local Krueng Raya team of ten), and a materials
supplier in the nearby village of Lamteuba.  Facilities will be set up on the
same land used prior to the tsunami for boat construction, and will be
equipped with a power generator along with the same tools and supplies
used prior to the disaster.  The land is currently being cleared, with tents
and permanent structures being erected over the next two weeks.  The local
boat building team is commissioned to build ten, 9-meter boats in two-and-
a-half months time.  AIRO is assisting with the acquisition of materials,
tools, supporting the labor costs, and will maintain onsite management
through the duration of the project.  

Dr. Alwi Shihab, Indonesian Minister of Peoples Affairs, referred AIRO to
this village and is supportive of developing long-term plans for livelihood
restoration.  While many assessments are being made among devastated
fishing villages, very little building is underway.  AIRO has been able to
move quickly on this Livelihood Recovery project in part due to its highly
focused nature and somewhat limited scope.  However, this project can
and should serve as a model to be replicated and expanded in tsunami
affected fishing villages throughout the western coast of Sumatra.

Pre tsunami = 12,289           Currently = 10,150
Confirmed Dead = 1,026     Still Missing = 1,113        Current
Refugees/homeless = 9,744
75%-Sea Fishing                20%-Brick Making/Farming                5%-Shrimp-

Pre tsunami – 95 operating “kumbiya” fishing rigs; 35 seaworthy remaining
post tsunami. Currently approximately 30% (450) of the fishermen remain
in the village.  “Kumbiya” boats operate as small fishing rigs, towed out to
sea, with daily catch shuttled back to shore by smaller motorized boats with
40hp gas motors.  Each of the smaller motorized boats service 3 or 4
different “kumbiya” fishing rigs.  All of these smaller boats were destroyed
in the disaster, rendering the 35 surviving ”kumbiya” boats inoperable, as
both are needed to fish.

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