19 May 2005
Eric Lyman
Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

The situation in Aceh is that we have tepidly entered the rebuilding phase. Folks are a bit
frazzled but patiently waiting for construction to begin on a larger scale. Numerous
agencies have delicately begun activities rebuilding houses, schools, roads and
livelihood. Folks are replanting mangrove trees, putting up power poles. I see a few boat
building operations around. There is talk about the highway the United States
government is about to rebuild. There is a long way to go before we're done.

Every day it seems I meet some caring, talented person doing something amazing and
what truly needs to be done. JIAVE, led locally by Hasan, is offering sewing and carpentry
training. The women and men who take this training are afforded a sewing machine or
tool bag upon completion. I recently met Sarah, James, Manfred and Ernestine; some
special people who live in Jakarta and came over to help. They each floored me with
their thoughtfulness and how great their contribution in just doing what they can.

Lampulo fishing village is bustling more every day. People continue to return to begin the
monumental task of starting over. Many will live in tents and barracks until electricity,
running water, sewers, roads and drainage ditches are restored while they rebuild their
houses, mosques and livelihoods. One home owner will be relieved when the boat
parked on top of his house is removed and repaired with the others. In the picture of this
house-boat you can see the high water mark and the top of the stair handrail where Pak
stood knees deep and helped his family onto the roof to survive the rushing water, and

Since Aaron’s visit I have continued working with Lampulo’s Sea Commander and
village leaders to find plausible ways to restore fishing in this village. One major
obstacle for many of these operations is a net which comprises up to one-third the cost
of these large boats. These nets, the same used by all the boats, are 1300 meters long,
last twenty years and many were damaged or destroyed. We have identified parts and
suppliers and have prepared to put folks to work fabricating and repairing nets for
existing boats which have none.

Once boats start rolling in with a couple tons of catch per day, other supporting
industries such as refrigeration, ice making and transportation will need to be in place.

The first boats are rolling out in Krueng Raya. When they’re gone, our crew will continue
using the facility to repair damaged boats while AIRO assists with material costs. A few
days ago in Pak Marzuki’s tent, Sea Commander Pak Zakar, Pak Vice Sea Commander,
Pak Kecik Jabar Yasin, Pak Marzuki and I sat cross-legged, while a few people peered in
from outside. Since the beginning of this project, these meetings have developed a
certain respectful anticipation about reuniting to finish something important. Five brands
of cigarettes, fine coffee and snacks courteously pushed toward the center of the floor,
kids running in and out and the look on everyone’s face proved it. Our business this time
was to finalize boat ownership transfer details; to ensure that the proposed recipients of
these boats verifiably owned boats of the same type before the tsunami and to prevent
conflict by providing them with ownership papers properly approved by the village Camat.

Our handover ceremony will be 18 June 2005. It’s an interesting place to visit and the
Acehnese would love to have you. So cancel that trip to Europe and come cruise the
north tip of Sumatra in a beautiful blue and green boat. And hey, anyone who reads these
words and comes to Indonesia, there’s a T-shirt in it for you.
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Taken 13th May 2005
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Journal Entries
Journal Entries
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