AIRO Joins the Ranks of International Aid Organizations

May 18, 2005

AIRO has now successfully incorporated.  We are now an official 501(c)3
non-profit organization and we now have our official IRS tax-exempt status
number:  55-0896249!  This is big news as it allows us to accept donations
that are tax deductible.  Additionally, this new status affords us the ability to
submit project grants to private and public foundations, government entities
and other international aid groups.  AIRO’s potential scope and vision just
got a lot bigger!

The good news comes just as Aaron and Eddie are solidifying plans to
return to Aceh to join Eric who has maintained project oversight in Krueng
Raya since arriving in January.  Our return to Indonesia will also involve
considerable new project development work, up and down the hard-hit coast
of Northern Sumatra.

We have scheduled a ceremonial boat hand-off and appreciation dinner for
the workers, their families, and other people who have been instrumental in
bringing this project to completion.  The date is set for June 18, 2005, at the
AIRO boat-building site in Krueng Raya.  If any of our readers are interested
in attending this important (and fun!) event, please contact us.   

So what is next?  Funding.  AIRO now requires additional funds to continue
its important tsunami relief work.  We have identified several other villages
with similar needs to recover their fishing industry through boat repair and
construction, fish netting and general small-business development.  We are
ready to grow.  We welcome ideas, leads and assistance in getting the AIRO
story out there to combine general public education activities with on-going
funds development.  Got a group, a business or even an individual that
wants to hear about it all and support this important humanitarian work?  
Just let us know.

AIRO started out as a loose plan to "just go and do whatever we could to
help".  It has since grown to much more than that.  What AIRO has
accomplished to date is already among the most intense and most
meaningful experiences any of us have ever had.  Because of our success,
we realize that we can be very good at managing project-based relief efforts
by carefully managing scarce and precious resources.  Most of all, we will
continue to carry on with the important relief work we have started and will
continue to have fun doing it.

But this is only the beginning.  Growth is an exciting challenge for us, one we
are committed to.  Your support is what got us through the hardest part –
getting it all started.  Thank you for your continued involvement,
encouragement, and support as AIRO takes its next step into full-time
international aid, rescue and relief operations.

Building Hope and Dignity Worldwide,

The AIRO Team
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